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Find A Life Coach Atlanta Ga

Welcome to our blog!

This Blogger Blog is for Find a Life Coach Atlanta Ga and is to serve and educate you and the other people of Greater Metro Atlanta Ga in regards to how to find a life coach online & make the most of their time in working with a life coach, career coach, relationship coach, business coach or any other sort of life coach or consultant.

We see and do a few things very differently than most other life, business & career coaches in and around the Atlanta Ga Area or really for that matter anywhere:

 1). Our staff has had various life coaching, counseling, business coaching, career coaching, executive coaching or mentoring experience in their own personal life prior to doing this for any of our clients. We collectively saw huge benefit & ROI (return on investment) in our own lives and businesses, it's a big part of what brought us here.

2). We see the main five or so life coaching online directories from the client perspective first, then 2nd as life coaches looking to connect. Generally, we don't like what we see & here's why:

a). Earlier on, as "potential clients" looking for our own 1st life coach, the long list of life coach varieties and specialties, not to mention the length of the life coach list in general was just way too big to even work with. Before we could start researching and calling through them all, we first had to figure out for ourselves what type of life coach we guessed was needed most or first?

b). Next logical question was, how long will I be working with this guy/gal?...weeks, months or years? How do I know whether to start with a life coach, career coach, relationship coach, business coach, etc? Will I want to stick with the same life coach for a long time? My life is out of balance and I know some things need to change, but don't know what to do next and it's "tangled up" and complicated, don't I need help in a lot of those areas?...maybe multiple at one time? Can any ONE life coach be all things to all clients???

c). So each of us did finally guess at a starting place and what category or type of life coach to at least try. Now we had to look all the profiles over and talk or meet with a bunch of different coaches. Well, with schedules and such a long list, that took a while and, quite honestly, since we're a friendly and pleasant bunch, most of us didn't want to offend the life coach we were talking to so many of us just hired the first one got tired out after the first few and went with the best of 3 or 4 and called it a day.

 d). More than half of us had a good first experience, but we all did have better experiences later, we all changed coaches or mentors multiple times. We also all had frustrating experiences, because back in the beginning everyone was trying to sell us themselves and their version of "life coaching" but didn't really take the time to actually make the experience clearer and easier to work through. We also discovered that since they were getting paid hourly or per session, that they would keep us improving enough to keep investing our time and money, but weren't exactly looking to "power coach" us as then we would move on even sooner.

e). Have you ever gone to a directory or review site looking for a roofer or some home or personal service provider? I have and what I really wanted was not 30-100 roofers, I wanted a friend who was a builder to recommend the best roofer at a fair price. Fortunately I found someone who knew roofing better than me to make a strong recommendation and it worked out way better and faster! But the life coach directories don't do that, they just give us the big list so now we've narrowed it down from 500 to 100 or 50...great.

If you are thinking that they do it this way because they CHARGE all those roofers & in this case the life coaches to be on the would be exactly right! If each coach is paying $30-100/month to be on each  directory, then these sites are making millions of dollars presenting us with these lists slightly smaller lists of providers. But it doesn't really help that much, does it? It's not really based on what's best for you or the life coaches, it's only OK, but it's absolutely what's best for the directory or review site owner and their pocket book right?

Ok, sorry for so grimly a description of what using a life coach directory from the front page of Google is like & ultimately all about. They can and do serve a purpose, but it's a mediocre purpose and not excellent because they don't actually help significantly with the main issues & complications in helping us find a life coach (and team), they just get paid for making a list and directing traffic to it :-(

So here's how Find a Life Coach is different and better in our humble opinion:

1). If meeting with someone local is important to you, then we just connect you with the highest quality, most rounded team of coaches under one roof in your city. If you are comfortable with meeting your coach via phone, skype, or similar then we can match you with coaches from all over the country. Since coaches in many larger cities are expensive, this will often bring your cost down, while giving us the largest pool of coaching talent to draw from and even saving you all the time and frustration of sitting in traffic. The industry as a whole is approaching 90% of coaching sessions happening remotely now.

2). After filling out our initial questionnaire, we then do an initial meeting to assess your starting situations & desired goals, then we recommend a primary coach to start with. We shoot for 100% first coach pairing success, but @ 95%+ currently we are on the way. Once in a while, a client will want to try again and that's totally fine, as we want you to be very happy with your primary coach.

3). After a few weeks or months with your primary life coach, as you work through what you want your life to look like, initiating strategies, etc. you'll often be needing the added or supplemental support of a career coach, relationship coach, business coach, etc. Sometimes they'll be on a call with you and your primary coach, often you'll meet with them every other time & sometimes as your life and business strategies get more advanced, you'll just go ahead and work with that "specialty coach" for weeks or months, eventually going back to your more typical format once that challenge is won.

 4). Since we both partner with local firms that provide a full spectrum of coaches AND have coaches from all over the US, then you can work with whichever coach you need whenever your situation or goals changes. It means that you don't have to worry about figuring out up front exactly what coach or coaches you will need or when. It also means not having to go back to these directory sites and going through the same long arduous process each time.

5). Eventually we all tell some friends, relatives or get overheard at a party bragging on our life coach. Imagine though, that someone tells you about their counselor or life coach and your response is, "me too, except I have an entire coaching team".

We're not trying to say that you or anyone needs each and every type of coach or coaching specialty every single week or month, but there will be times that you do. There is a substantial sense of confidence and even excitement that comes with knowing you have a entire team of coaches and advisors that will walk and work with you through whatever may come.

Ok, I went much longer than planned, but I'm glad, because how we begin is important and you're important!

I'm sure you can see that coaching has been a life long commitment and blessing for us as coaches, something that has radically up-graded each of our lives. We know that most of you, once you start getting coached, will do so on & off for the rest of your lives. We also know statistically, that some decent percentage of you will go on to become coaches yourselves, helping others grow too. It's just a natural reaction to being coached well and your own life improving from your own experience :-)

If our values of "quality", "team" and "taking action" match the way you think and the way you want to be coached, then come check out our main website, call the phone # near the top or use the contact form on tihs blogger blog and get in touch. We are real people, living and working in the US (headquarters is in Atlanta) and it would be great to have you as our newest client and member of our coaching family.

Wherever you are at right now, don't let that also determine your tomorrow, so take action (< 5% will), reach out to us & let us help you become whomever you decide to become...together!


Gary and Renee' McCormick
Founders -

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